Signs of Bad Parenting and Tips for Good Parenting

Signs of Bad Parenting and Tips for Good Parenting

Nowadays parents always keep complaining that their child disturbs you intentionally, child lies a lot, child has poor self-esteem or self confidence, child does not stand up for himself/herself or not disciplined, give him/her every thing but he/she does not care for things/toys/books and behaves like these things do not belong to them, child is coward he/she even fears in the dark, child is jealous and his/her habit is increasing day by day consistently, Child gets angry quickly and misbehaves even in-front of outsiders, Child does not respect others don’t even wish to them, Child is very secretive and he/she does not tell me anything, Child behaves rudely to his/her younger even elders. We have compiled these issues their Pictorial representation/identification/reasons and their rectifications or simply all the things in one post Signs of Bad Parenting and Tips for Good Parenting which could help you to understand your child’s psyche as well you can make your child better. Through these slides you can easily find sings/symptoms of Bad Parenting as well we have tried to tell you Good Parenting Tips and Tricks. All this we have covered in our 12 Slides in Signs of Bad Parenting and Tips for Good Parenting post.

These 12 Tips will surely help you in improving your Child’s Self-Esteem, Your Child could become more disciplined, can also enhance/increase Child Tolerance, Will help you out in Teaching your child self-control, and will surely help your child in boosting his/her confidence. Since Kids learn/develop their skills and habits through your tone or voice, your body language and your each and every expression. Your words and your actions surely affect their development.

12 Signs of Bad Parenting and Tips for Good Parenting

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Signs of Bad Parenting and Tips for Good Parenting

Signs of Bad Parenting and Tips for Good Parenting

Quick Index for Different Bad Child Habits

Child Intentionally Disturbs You | बच्चा जानबूझ कर परेशान करता है 

Child is Lying | बच्चा झूठ बोलता है

Poor self-esteem | बच्चे में आत्मविश्वास की कमी

Lack of Interest in Games/Studies | बच्चे में किसी प्रकार की उत्साह की कमी है

Child Does not Care | बच्चा गैरजिम्मेदार है

Child is Coward | बच्चा बहुत डरपोक है

Child is Jealous | बच्चा बहुत जलन खोर है

Child Tets Angry Quickly | बच्चा बहुत गुस्सेल है

Child Doesn’t Respect Others Feelings | भावनाओं की क़द्र नहीं करता

Child is Very Secretive | आपका बच्चा आपको किसी बारे में कुछ नहीं बताता

Child Behaves Rudely | बच्चा बहुत बुरा बर्ताव करता है

Tips and Tricks of Good Parenting

Signs of Bad Parenting Video

Good Parenting Tips Video

These Slides can Make Your Child Better

Signs of Bad Parenting and Tips for Good Parenting | Slide 1

If Your Child Intentionally Disturbs you, it is because you are not physically Affectionate Enough.

अगर आपको लगता है की आपका बच्चा आपको जान बुझ कर परेशां करता है तो इसकी वजय यह भी हो सकती है की आप उसे कभी प्यार नहीं करते यानि की कभी उसके सर पे हाथ नहीं फिरते कभी उसके सर में तेल नहीं लगते आदि

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