CTET Sample Question Answers English Language

CTET Sample Question Answers English Language

CTET Sample Question Answers English Language can be very useful for those who want to be a teacher in Central Govt. School because if you want to become a teacher in Central Government Schools then you have to crack CTET or Central Teachers Eligibility Test. The good news for you that CTET 2016 is being organised in the month of February 2016. Though all the subjects are equally important to crack CTET speciall Hindi Language (Download CTET Sample Question Paper for Hindi Bhasha), Child Development and Pedagogy (Download CTET Sample Paper for Child Development and Pedagogy) but English Language is very important specially in CTET Paper 2 Exam. So practice well these questions, TET Sample Question Papers in Hindi and other CTET Study Material on ctetuptetlatestnews.com. This Model Question Paper for English Language has Total 4 Pages.

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Question No. 71 to 80

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Answers to Sample Questions for CTET English Language 

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CTET Sample Question Answers English Language

CTET Sample Question Answers English Language


61. The word Wndrous means

  1. Winning
  2. Roaming
  3. Marvellous
  4. Forceful

62. The word opposite in meaning to accede is

  1. Grant
  2. Disturbed
  3. Indignat
  4. Refuse

63. The word Pragmatic means

  1. Practical
  2. Wise
  3. Intelligent
  4. Proper

64. The word opposite in meaning to Torpid’ is

  1. Alert
  2. Indolent
  3. pitiable
  4. Cruel

65. One who sacrifices his life a cause

  1. patriot
  2. martyr
  3. Soldier
  4. Revolutionary

66. Custom of having several husbands at the same time

  1. Polyandry
  2. Polyglot
  3. Polysexual
  4. Polygamy

67. Which of the following word is misspelt?

  1. Ceremonious
  2. Achivement
  3. Worthy
  4. Ceremonial

68. Choose the correctly spelt word

  1. Satellite
  2. Sattelite
  3. Sattelite
  4. Satelite

69. What does the phrase To Keep at an arm’s length mean?

  1. To keep very near
  2. A safe Place
  3. To keep someone Happy
  4. To avoid coming in contact

70. Which figure of speech has been used in the following Line?
I am the Daughter of Earth and Water.

  1. Personification
  2. Metaphor
  3. Oxymoron
  4. Simile

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