CTET 2016 Exam Postponed Latest News in Hindi

CTET 2016 Exam Postponed Latest News in Hindi 

Its Rummer rather than a news that CTET 2016 Exam Canceled/Postponed. We don’t know that why this Rummer ” CTET 2016 Exam Postponed Latest News in Hindi ” going bigger and bigger. But the fact of the matter is that till now there is no news related to CTET 2016 Exam Cancellation News. Till now there is no confirmation that CTET 2016 is going to be cancel due to JAAT Aandolan in Haryana. Though it is confirm News that HTET Level 3 Exan has been canceled  once again due to Jaat Aandolan in Haryana this time.

CTET February Exam Latest/Breaking News (Feb 20 2016 – 6PM)

Latest and breaking news related to CTET Haryana State is that recently CBSE-CTET Made a public Notice for Haryana Stete Teachers eligibility Test Aspirants and in the light of administrative reasons CTET in Haryana State scheduled to be held on 21 February 2016 stands postponed. New Reviced/Extended Date for CTET Haryana State will be announced later for CTET Haryana State Central Teachers Eligibility Test Aspirants.

List of Cities for which CTET is Postponed

Ambala (21)

CTET 2016 Exam Postponed Latest News in Hindi

CTET 2016 Exam Postponed Latest News in Hindi

But hopefully CTET 2016 is going to be held as per its schedule on February 21, 2016. So prepare well for CTET 2016 Examination. Best of Luck for CTET February 2016 Examination.

CTET Exam 2016 Latest News in Hindi

अभी तक प्राप्त ख़बरों के अनुसार यह सही है की हरयाणा में उग्र होते जात आन्दोलन के कारन HTET Level 3 Exam Postponed कर दिया गया है लेकिन CTET February 2016 के Cancel/Postponed होने के सम्बन्ध में कोई अधिकारिक सुचना नहीं है हालाँकि हरयाणा में उग्र जात आन्दोलन के कारन ये कयास लगाये जा रहे है की Central Teacher Eligibility Test February 2016 जोकि February 21 2016 को होना है भी स्थगित हो सकता है जैसे ही कोई अधिकारिक सुचना मिलती है हम आप लोगों को तुन्रांत सूचित करेंगे तब तक के लिए बिलकुल समय बेकार न करें और हमारे CTET Study Material and CTET Sample Questions Answers का इस्तेमाल करके अपनी तयारी को आखिरी रूप दें.

Download CTET Study Material

Download CTET Study Material and CTET Sample/Model/Practice Question Papers

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