Chemistry IIT JEE Mains Study Material for Alcohol

Chemistry IIT JEE Mains Study Material for Alcohol

Chemistry IIT JEE Mains Study Material for Alcohol

Chemistry IIT JEE Mains Study Material for Alcohol

Alcohol: IIT JEE Mains Study Material

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Alcohol, Monohydric alcohol, Dihydric alcohol, Trihydric alcohol, Polyhydric alcohol, Monohydric Alcohols, Primary alcohols, Secondary alcohol, Tertiary alcohol, Structure of Alcohol, General Method of Preparation,By the hydrolysis of alkyl halide,Hydration of Alkenes,By the hydrolysis of ethers,By the hydrolysis of esters,By Grignard reagent,With epoxide,With carbonyl compounds,By the reduction of Carbonyl Compounds, By reduction of carboxylic acids and their derivatives, By the action of nitrous acid on primary amine, By fermentation of sugar, Favourable conditions for fermentation are, Methanol can also be prepared as, Manufacture of ethanol, From ethylene, From fermentation of molasses and starchy materials, From fermentation of molasses and starchy materials, Preparation of WASH from starch, Fermentation of wort solution, AZEOTROPIC DISTILLATION, Properties, Chemical Properties, Reaction Involving Cleavage of O—H Bond, Action of active metals, Esterification, Acetylation (Reaction with acetyl chloride and acetic anhydride), Action of Grignard’s reagent – (Alkane is formed), Replacement of H by alkyl goups, Oxidation, Reaction Involving –OH bonds as the whole i.e. cleavage of C–OH Bond, Action of halogen acids, Reaction with inorganic acids, Action of phosphrous halides, Reaction with NH3, Reaction with halogens :, Reduction, Reaction Involving Complete Molecule of Alcohol, Dehydration, Dehydrogenation, Pri. alcohol, Sec. alcohol, tert. alcohol, Acetal formation, Uses, Distinction Between Pr., Sec. & Tert. Alcohols, Lucas test, Catalytic dehydrogenation, Oxidation test, Victor – meyer test, Important Facts about Alcohols, DIHYDRIC AND POLYHYDRIC ALCOHOL, Ethylene Glycol, Preparation, From ethylene, From ethylene bromide, Industrial method, Properties, Reaction with Na, Reaction with HCl, Reaction with phosphorus halides, Reaction with HNO3, Reaction with Aldehyde & Ketone, Oxidation, Dehydration, Condensation, Uses, Glycerol, Preparation, From fats and oils, By fermentation of sugars, From propene (Synthesis), Properties, Chemical, Reaction with sodium, Reaction with HCl or HBr, Action of HI ® In two ways, Action of PCl5, Action of HNO3, Blasting gelatin, Cordite, Action of CH3COOH, Action of oxalic acid, at 260ºC, Dehydration, Oxidation, Oxidation of glycerol with, Uses, Dunstan test for glycerol, Phenol, From Benzene sulphonic acid, From benzene diazonium chloride, By distilling a phenolic acid, From Gignard reagent, From bezene, Industrial preparation of phenol, Middle oil fraction of coaltar, From cumene, Raschig process, Dow process, Physical Properties, Chemical Properties, Acidic Nature, Reaction due to –OH group, Reaction with NH3, Reaction with FeCl3, Acetylation, Ether Formation, Reaction with P2S5, Reaction of Benzne Ring, Halogenation, Nitration, Sulphonation, Friedel–Craft’s reaction, Gattermann aldehyde synthesis, Reimer–Tiemann reaction, Kolbe’s Schmidt reaction, Hydrogenation, Fries rearrangement reaction, Duff’s reaction, Coupling reactions, Condensation with formaldehyde, Liberman’s nitroso reaction, Reaction with acetone, Oxidation, In presence of air, KMnO4, Test of Phenol, Differences between phenol and alcohol (C2H5OH), Uses of Phenol, Classification, Structure, Preparation, By dehydration of alcohols, From alkyl halides, Williamson synthesis, Properties, Chemical nature, Reaction due to alkyl group, Combustion, Halogenation, Reaction due to O–atom, Formation of ether peroxides, Reactions involving cleavage of C–O bond, Action of HI, Action of PCl5, Action of acetyl chloride & acetic anhydride, Dehydration, Action of carbon monoxide, Uses of ether.

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