CDS Vocabulary Word Starting from E

CDS Vocabulary Word Starting from E

CDS Vocabulary Word Starting from E: Vocabulary comprises one of the most scoring bunch of questions in CDS exam. A sound vocabulary is always anticipated to crack the questions based on synonyms and antonyms.

CDS Vocabulary Word Starting from E

CDS Vocabulary Word Starting from E

Vocabulary Word Starting from E

Word Meaning Synonyms Antonyms Examples
Earmark Designate funds or resources for a particular purpose, procure Attribute, Designate Disallocate The government earmarked a large package for agriculture
Ebullient Very happy and enthusiastic;  exuberant Cheerful, Exuberant Unhappy, Depressed The man seems to be ebullient on his success.
Edifice A large impressive building; a system that has been established for a long time Monument, Building The glass edifice is an architectural wonder.
Effeminate Womanish; femine, Unmanly Effete, Unmanly Masculine; Manly He had a high and somewhat effeminate voice.
Effete Weak and Powerless Unmanly, Effeminate Manly, Powerful His effete body looks pale.

CDS Vocabulary Word starting from E with its Meaning, Synonyms , Antonyms and its Example

Effusive Expressing gratitude, approval or pleasure in a way that shows very strong feeling Gushing, Unrestrained Restrained, Reserved The coach was effusive in praising Tendulkar.
Emaciated Very thin and weak, usually because of illness or extreme hunger Thin, Skeletal Chubby, Fat Chronic disease make one emaciated.
Embodiment Someone or something that represents a quality or an idea exactly Personification, Incarnation Exclusion Mother Teresa was often regarded as the embodiment of selfless devotion to others.
Enervate To make someone feel weak and without energy Debilitate, Devitalise Strengthen, Energies We were enervated by the lengthy discussion
Enjoin To instruct or urge someone to do something or behave in a particular way Urge, Command, Insist Obey, follow The boss enjoined the workers to do the best.
Ensconce To make yourself very comfortable or safe in a place or position Settle, Install Unsettle, Exhibit He ensconced in his new abode there.
Entrée Admittance; the right to enter something Entry, Ingress Exit, Refusal Entrée to the country club is through sponsorship.
Entropy Lack of order or predictability, gradual decline into disorder Break up, Collapse Improvement, Order The mishandling of the situation led to entropy.
Ephemeral Existing only for a short time. Fleeting, Transient Enduring, Lasting Fame in the show business is ephemeral
Epoch A long period of time, especially one in which there are new advance and great changes Era, Span, Age The development of the steam engine marked an important epoch in the history of industry.
Equitable Treating everyone fairly and in the same way. Unbiased, Reasonable Partial, biased He is fighting for a more equitable distribution of funds.
Excruciating Intensely painful Acute, Agonising Painless, Calm, Easy The Uttrakhand disaster was an excruciating experience for the victims.
Expatiate Speak or write in detail Expound, Lecture Compress, Abridge It is useless to expatiate upon the beauty of nature to one who is blind.

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