CDS Vocabulary Word Starting from B and C

CDS Vocabulary Word Starting from B and C

CDS Vocabulary Word Starting from B and C: Vocabulary comprised one of the most scoring bunch of questions in CDS exam. A sound vocabulary is always anticipated to crack the questions based on synonyms and antonyms.

CDS Vocabulary Word Starting from B and C

CDS Vocabulary Word Starting from B and C

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Word starting from B with its Synonyms, Antonyms and its Examples

Word Meaning Synonyms Antonyms Examples
Babble To talk or say something in a quick, confused, excited or silly way Chatter, Bumble Quiet, Sense He seems to be Babbling.
Badger To try to make someone do something by asking them many times. Pester, Bother, Torment Aid, Delight The peon had to be badgered to get the form signed by the principal.
Baleful Full of evil intentions, menacing Destructive, Malignant Good, Helping, Promising His baleful behaviour was strange.
Banal Trite; something boring; ordinary and not original Common place, Trite, Boring, Dull Entertaining, Original  I hate the places  that seem banal.
Bane A cause of great distress or annoyance. Ruin, Destruction Blessing, Boon, Advantage Traffic congestion and air pollution are major banes for Delhi and Delhiites.
Bashful Tending to feel uncomfortable with other people and be embarrassed easily; say Diffident, Modest, Meek, coy, Nervous Open, Confident She feels bashful in my company.
Berate To criticize or scold severely Lash out, Tear into, Abuse Praise, Compliment Father berated his son of his mistakes.
Bereavement The situation you are in when a close friend or a family member has died. Death, Loss Happiness Bereavement caused by my father’s death is immeasurable.
Bestow To give or confer honour to someone Award, Give, Grant, Present Deprive, Refuse, Take A lot of award are bestowed upon him.
Bigotory Intolerance towards those who hold different opinion from oneself. Fanaticism, Prejudice Tolerance, Impartiality A deeply ingrained bigotry prevented her from even considering the arguments.
Bizarre Strange and difficult to explain Strange, Weird Explainable, Normal The bizarre events taking place in the deserted house led the people to assume that it was haunted.
Blabber Talk foolishly Chatter, Babble Sense Blabbering is what one can expect from fools.
Bohemian A socially unconventional person, especially an artist or a writer Non-Conformist Conformist The Bohemian attitude is considered rebellious.
Bolster To support or strengthen Strengthen, Reinforce Discourage, Undermine More money is needed to bolster the industry.
Boor A person who is rude and does not consider other people’s feelings Lout, Rogue Civilised, Decent, Modest Terrorists are nothing but boors.
Bovine Relating to or affecting cattle, looking or acting like a cow Cow-like, Cattle-like She stared at us with a stupid bovine expression.
Brag To speak proudly of what you have done or what you own. Swagger, Boast Be modest He was bragging about his success.
Brash Showing too much confidence and too little respect Arrogant, brazen Diffident, Meek A brash man has less friends.
Bumble To speak or move in a confused way Lurch, Stumble Efficient, Expert Bumbling persons create a doubt to security.
Bungle To do something badly or unsuccessfully Mishandle, Mismanage Succeed He has bungled the whole work.
Buoyant Happy and confident Happy, Joyous Unhappy, Sad He was very buoyant about the visit to Agra.
Burgeon To grow or develop quickly Expand, Swell Shrink, Contract Terrorism is burgeoning across the border.
Burly A large and strong person Tawny, Gigantic Lean, Thin There must be a burly man for the role of a demon.
Bustling If a place is bustling, it is full if busy activity. Dashing, Scurrying Quiet, Inactive, Dormant The house, usually bustling with activity, was strangely silent.


Word starting from C with its Meaning, Synonyms, Antonyms and its Example

Word Meaning Synonyms Antonyms Examples
Cabal A group of people who secretly work together


Clique, Faction Individual He was assassinated by a cabal of aides.
Cache A hidden store of provision, weapons, treasure; to hide weapons or other things Hoard, Store Discard, Remove People must create a cache of medicines for emergency.
Cajole To persuade someone to do something by coaxing or flattery Persuade, Coax Dissuade, Discourage He knows how to cajole people into doing what he wants.
Calamity An event that brings terrible loss, lasting distress or severe affliction Tragedy, Catastrophe Blessing, Godsend The great calamity was brought to rest.
Callous Showing or having an insensitive and cruel disregard for others. Insensitive; Unsympathetic Sensitive, Sympathetic People often think that doctors are callous.
Calumny A false accusation Defamation, Slander Eulogy, Praise He is a victim of calumny
Camouflage To disguise Hide, Conceal Reveal, Show The camouflaged players arrived at the airport.
Canard A false, report or story Tale, Story Truth The newspaper was used sued for publishing a canard about a celebrity.
Canny Very clever and able to make intelligent decisions. Clever, Shrewd Uncanny, Daft Rohan is a canny card player.
Cantankerous Bad tempered, argumentative and uncooperative Bad tempered, Uncooperative Affoble, Good-natured Children are by nature cantankerous.
Capacious Having a lot of space Spacious, Open Small, Cramped A bungalow is a capacious house to live-in
Cardinal Of the greatest importance, fundamental. Significance, Fundamental Unimportant Cardinal facts of the case are hidden.
Careen To go forward quickly while moving from side to side Lurch, Rock Crawl , Creep I saw the duck careening through the ponds.
Castigate To criticize severely Rebuke, Chide, Scold Admire, praise Odd behaviour of a person is a matter of castigation.
Catalyst Stimulus; a person who caused change by his presence Impetus, Incentive Inhibitor, Preventer Birbal was a catalyst in the court of Akbar.
Catapult To suddenly put someone into an important position; to propel Excel, Marshal To recede, Decline Someone cannot be catapulted to be the chief straight way.
Charismatic Possessing spiritual grace; inspiring Charming, Fascinating Offensive, Frightening Modi is a charismatic leader.
Chaste Morally pure or decent Decent, Pure Impure, indecent The chaste conduct of the austere person commands respect.
Cherubic Good natured Innocent, Angelic Demonic, Devilish His behaviour reveals his approach to be cherubic.
Chide To express mild disapproval of someone, to scold someone gently Rebuke, Scold Admire, Praise Mother chided the son for his rude behaviour with the guests.
Chronic Happening or existing frequently or most of the time Persistent, long standing Temporary, Mild She suffers from chronic pain in her knees.
Churlish Rude, unfriendly and unpleasant Arrogant, ill-mannered Gracious, polite Churlish behaviour is his trademark.
Clout Power and influence Sway , Power Powerless Hitler was a man of great clout.
Coalesce To grow together or unite into one; to fuse Fuse, Join Split, breakup The ice-masses coalesced into a glacier over time.
Cogent Very clear and easy for the mind believe Convincing, Compelling Vague, unconvincing His ideas were cogent and sound.
Conciliate To end a disagreement or someone’s anger by acting in a friendly way or to slightly change your opinion Appease, Placate Provoke The nagging child was conciliated by the toys.
Concomitant Naturally accompanying or associated with something Linked, Associated Disassociated, Unlinked Loss of memory is a concomitant of old age.
Concussion Tempporary unconsciousness or confusion caused by a blow on the head Violent shaking Consciousness The accident caused the man a severe concussion.
Condone To accept behaviour that is morally wrong Accept, Allow Condemn, Punish Parents always condone the fault of children.
Contentious Causing or likely to cause disagreement Controversial, Argumentative Agreeable The contentious issue may obstruct the development
Contort To twist or bend out of normal shape Distort, Twist Straighten, Smooth He contorted the instrument by rough handling.
Contrive To invent or make something in a clever or unusual way Create, Manufacture Destroy, Ruin The Defence Ministry contrived a plan to tackle cross border terrorism.
Conundrum A confusing and difficult question or problem Dilemma, quandary Easy-way Competitive exams make you face conundrums.
Convene To call together for a meeting or activity Summon, Call Disperse, Leave We convened at the hotel for a seminar.
Convivial (of an event or atmosphere) Friendly, lively and enjoyable Jovial, Pleasant Sad, Unhappy The President of the club arranged a convivial cocktail party.
Copious Ample, producing much Plentiful, Abudant Scarce, Meager The storm produced a copious amount of rain.

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