CDS Vocabulary word starting from A

CDS Vocabulary word starting from A

CDS Vocabulary word starting from A : Vocabulary comprises one of the most scoring bunch of questions in CDS exam. A sound vocabulary is always anticipated to crack the questions based on synonyms and antonyms.

CDS Vocabulary word starting from A

CDS Vocabulary word starting from A

Word Starting from A with its Meaning, Synonyms, Antonyms and Example


Word Meaning Synonyms Antonyms Example
Aback Taken by surprise Surprised, thrown off guard Relax, Contended Everyone was taken aback by Sachin’s decision to quit.
Abandon To leave something and never return to it. Desert, Leave Continue, Carry on Railway has abandoned their outer signal.
Abase To humiliate Degrade, Disregard, Dishonour Regard, Honour, Respect Abasing someone is immoral.
Abashed Make someone feel embarrassed or ashamed Embarrass, Humiliate Unabashed, Undaunted He is abashed of his own mistakes.
Abate To make or become less strong Weaken, Lesson Strengthen, Intensify We waited for the wind to abate.
Abbreviate To shorten To abridge, To curtail Lengthen, Enhance The voluminous book was abbreviated for the convenience of the students.
Abdicate To give up power Relinquish, Renounce Accept The old king abdicated the throne.
Aberrant Straying from the right or normal way Deviant, atypical Normal, Usual Aberrant behaviour can be a sign of rabies in an animal.
Abet To encourage someone to do wrong Assist, Incite, Encourage, Demotivate, Prevent She abetted the thief in the robbery.
Abeyance A state of not happening or being used at present. Abandon, suspension, Discontinuation Continuation, Resumption The old generator has been in abeyance for six months.
Abhor To feel hatred or dislike Detest, Loathe Like, Admire The world would be like heaven if all the people abhor none.
Abide To accept something in accordance with Obey, follow Flout, Reject Citizens have to abide by the rules.
Abnegate To give-up; renunciation Discard, Reject acccept Abnegating superstitions is advantageous
Abound To exist in large numbers or amounts Plenty, Suffice Scare, Scanty Kiwis abound in New Zealand.
Abrasive Showing little concern for feeling of others Rude, annoying, Unfriendly Pleasant, friendly Abrasive behaviour of employees may prove harmful to a firm.
Abrogate To end a law, agreement or custom formally Abandon, Abort Institute, Introduce Our country should abrogate outdated laws.
Abstain Withhold or refrain Avoid, cease Do, continue It is worth while to abstain from intoxicants.
Abstruse Difficult to understand, obscure Esoteric, Perplexing Clear, Obvious You are not the only one who finds Einstein’s theory abstruse.
Absurd Ridiculous, unreasonable Foolish, Ridiculous Reasonable, Genuine Political parties indulge in absurd arguments before the election.
Abut To border upon Adjoin, Lie next to, adjacent Far, opposite Our land abuts a nature preserve.
Abysmal Extremely poor or bad Awful, terrible Good, Pleasant The quality of her work is abysmal
Accede To agree Consent, Acceptance Disagree, Refusal, Denial The business contract between the two parties was acceded successfully.
Accentuate To emphasise or to make noticeable Highlight, Hype Shadowed, Downtrodden People often shout to accentuate their opinion
Accessible Easy to obtain, approachable Achievable, Acquiresome Remote, Distant Everything is accessible with the Internet.
Accessory  A thing which can be added to something else in order to make it more useful, versatile or attractive Adornment, Retrofit Subsidiary Cellular phones are incomplete without the accessories.
Acclaim Public approval and praise Praise, Applaud, Cheer criticise Sardar Patel was an acclaimed leader.
Accolade An award or an expression of praise. Appreciation, Honour, Award Criticism Getting success is a great accolade.
Accord Be harmonious or consistent Concord, Agreement Disagree, Contrast The board of directors could not reach an accord in the annual meeting.
Accost Approach and address angrily or aggressively Annoy, confront Aid, Help On the mistake of the son, father accosted him.
Accrue To increase in number or amount. To collect, To accumulate Disperse, Dwindle Crossing for a single run accrued the score of the team.
Adept Skilful Expert, Efficient Unskilled, Inapt It seems that he is adept in computers.
Adjourn Temporary breaking-off Suspend, Interrupt Carry out, Advance He has adjourned his journey.
Adjunct Something joined or added to another thing but is not an essential part of it. Supplement, Addition Subtraction, Lessening The witness of the case has adjuncted a new twist in it.
Adjure To urge solemnly Request Answer On the continuous adjuring of students, a picnic was arranged.
Admonish To warn Scold, Reprove Allow, Compliment The teacher admonished the student for his insolent behaviour.
Adorn Make more beautiful or attractive To embellish, To decorate Malign, Deface The temple is adorned with flowers.
Adroit Very skilful Expert, Proficient Unskilled, Incompetent The showroom needs an adroit mechanic.
Afflict Affect adversely Suffer, Bother Comfort, Aid The flood has greatly afflicted the crops in this village.
Affluence Having a lot of money Wealth, Prosperity Scarcity, Poverty Generally, affluent fathers have spoilt kids.
Affront An action or remark that causes outrage or offence Insult, Offence Honour, Compliment Poor dressing sense often causes affront.
Aggrandize Increase power, status or wealth of Exalt, Boost Abase, Degrade Its a movie that aggrandizes the bad guys.
Aggravate To make a problem worse Worsen, compound Soothe, Calm The symptoms were aggravated by drinking alcohol.
Agog Very eager or curious to hear or see something Eager, Impatient Reluctant, Uninterested He was all agog on hearing the news of his promotion.
Altercation A noisy argument or disagreement, especially in public Quarrel, Bickering Agreement, Harmony A general political talk should not lead to an altercation.
Altruism Disinterested and selfless concern for the well-being of others. Benevolence, Humanitarianism Greediness, Meanness Mother Teresa is known for her altruism.
Amalgamate To combine to form a larger group To merge, Combine Separate, Disjoin Hutchison and Essar group amalgamated to form Hutchison-Essar.
Ambiguous Open to more than one interpretation, not having one obvious meaning. Unclear, Confusing Clear, Obvious Ambiguous answers must be removed.
Ameliorate Making a situation better, less painful Mitigate, Improve Worsen, Aggravate Government grant is ameliorating the situation in the territory.
Amenable Open and responsive to suggestions Compliant, Manageable, Persuadable Stubborn, Rigid, Non-compliant A better way to resolve the problem is being amenable.
Amicable Friendly behaviour of a person Friendly, Good-natured Unfriendly, Hostile Noble people are always amicable.

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