CDS Vocabulary Details in English

CDS Vocabulary Details in English

CDS Vocabulary Details in English: Vocabulary comprises one of the most scoring bunch of questions in CDS exam. A sound vocabulary is always anticipated to crack the questions based on synonyms and antonyms. The following chapter gives you an edge in mastering the words that have importance in the examination.

CDS Vocabulary Details in English

CDS Vocabulary Details in English

Vocabulary is a broad concept in itself. One can enhance one’s language skills by acquiring a good hold over vocabulary. To score high in the CDS exam (English Paper), a candidate should improve his/her vocabulary skills. It helps one in solving questions of Comprehension, Cloze Test, Antonyms and Synonyms etc.

CDS Vocabulary Details in English

Step I Identify the Word

Whenever we come across a new word in a sentence while reading a textbook, newspaper or a magazine, we should look up its meaning. This is the best way to enhance one’s vocabulary. Suppose you come across a word ‘Antique’ and you don’t know its meaning you consult a dictionary and find its meaning which is ‘old and often valuable’.

Step II Identify the Antonyms of that Word Along with the meaning of a word, its antonyms (words with opposite meaning) should also be taken into consideration. A good knowledge of words and their antonyms is very beneficial from the examination point of view. E.g. Opposite of Antique is modern.

Step III Identify the Synonyms of that Word The knowledge of words that are similar or closer in meaning to a word is very useful. It makes a student efficient enough to have a strong sense of the language. Example: ‘Antique’ can be replaced by Traditional or Ancient.

Step IV Form a Proper Sentence This is one of the most important parts in vocabulary building. It serves to stimulate memory by recalling the words as and when needed, apart from making the proper sense and the use of words clear. E.g. To be more familiar with a word, we should use it in sentence form. For ‘Antique’ a proper sentence is ‘People love to purchase antique items’.

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