BITSAT Maths Sample Question Answer 8

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BITSAT Maths : Sample Question Answer 8

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BITSAT Maths Sample Question Answer 8

BITSAT Maths Sample Question Answer 8

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2 comments on “BITSAT Maths Sample Question Answer 8
  1. Ema says:

    // உலக à®™ க à®® ப à®° ள ச à®° ந த கல ச ச à®°à®® வளர ந த அளவ க க ப à®° ளற à®± கல ச ச à®°à®® (Non Material culture) வளரவ ல ல .ப த ப ப த à®…à®± வ யல கண ட ப ட ப ப கள மன தன ன வ à®´ க க ய எள à®® ய க க ன.மனம மட ட à®® க ப ப ய க அப பட ய க டக க றத .அத வளரவ ய ல ல .மனம வளர வதற க த வ ய ன எந த த ட டம à®® ,ப டம à®® நம à®® டம இல ல .///பல பல à®…à®° à®® ய ன கர த த க கள …இவற à®± கண ட ப ட ப ப கள ல à®® à®± à®± à®® ட ய த சக !

  2. Akemi says:

    Sir one small request after going thgourh post, please comment on it.What’s the point of giving jee advance and wasting some 1850 rupees. After giving jee advance, I felt that those missing 30K were right as the exam was just .. What’s the point of giving an exam where one does not which type of questions will be asked. I do not know what superiority IITs want to prove by posing such stupid surprises. After all the decision on the exam was taken in late september.Coming to marking scheme, it made me feel a stupid who wasted 6 hours sweating in humidity and heat. In paper 1, single correct questions which formed 50% of exam just given 2 marks weightage. In multi-correct questions though there was negative marking there must have been some partial marking. In my case, almost all multi-correct questions deducted my score. (though I did not marked even a single incorrect option in this section). Coming to sections, after Attempting maths section, I felt like I have given some b tech exam. For lengthy calculations it must have been remembered that exam is of 3 hours and 4 or 5 hours.After having seen IIT-JEE 2012 I was happy that now IITs are taking steps to restrict business of coaching institutes which benefits only rich and discourages poors towards IITs. But now I felt that those who appeared in 2012 were lucky as it mistakenly a good exam paper was set.


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